Twitter Icon

dfpbexI’ve been thinking for a while that I would update my Twitter icon for this digitalfprint account. I get far more followers on my drbexl account – maybe because I tweet about a far wider range of things on there, whereas I maintain digitalfprint for social and educational media tweets by and large!

The New Look?
What do you think of the new look?

One of the factors that influences people’s decisions to follow others on Twitters is seeing whether there’s a picture of the owner on there, rather than just the logo. I experimented with using the image from drbexl, but I definitely wanted to maintain a division between the accounts, and adding the drbexl picture on top just looked rather harsh… so, good old PhotoShop, let’s try adding an artistic effect, and there we are!

I think it’s quite difficult to see when it’s small, but if people are REALLY that interested in it, they can double-click, open up, and there I am!

Digital Fingerprint: The Site

Still developing a bulk of material, and transferring material across from mydesigna. The official business offering will probably come next year, as this year is already full up!