[TOOLBOX] 27+ Sources of Legal Images #DMMP1617 #DSMMCM1617 #BigAg16

This afternoon, I was trying to explain a bit about copyright and the legal use of images to my students, as they are using publicly available blogs, and otherwise default to using results from Google Image search … which could lead to legal issues (see help with image attribution with this JISC tool). This blogpost from StinkyInkShop explains […]

Snap Decisions (@timeshighered)

Why my PhD hasn’t been published yet (although I’ll be tackling it again this summer): For academics working with visual culture, securing image permissions for a publication can be extraordinarily painful. For early career academics, without access to research funds but under pressure to produce a first monograph, this pain can be felt especially keenly […]

Modern British Posters by Paul Rennie (bdpublishing)

If you haven’t already come across this book, it’s a great mix of text & picture. I hadn’t realised there was an exhibition in London, running til next Thursday – wonder if I can managed to nip out and see it… nipping doesn’t seem to be operative, as it’s in Camden Town and I’m in […]

Pride of Place @timeshighered

The British landscape and representations of it in art give rise to a happy patriotic glow in many people. Fred Inglis shares that fervour Is it still possible to claim oneself, in polite academic company, to be a patriot? Both the present and the previous prime ministers have gestured, a bit apologetically but I think […]

Poster Collection for Sale

I wondered about keeping this quiet, as I would LOVE to own my own original poster, but it’s in the Daily Mail, and I was contacted by BBC South-East Today on Tuesday as they were covering a story on it (I missed out on contributing as I was organising a training session all day). If […]