Academics Exposed to CyberCreeps

Having recently research cyber-bullying re:kids, and knowing that it’s a problem in the workplace – I hadn’t thought so much about this, although I guess I may have seen the negativity that public figures attract when seeking impact: She was also concerned that academics were more at risk than other professions because of the “impact […]

Lecturing on an Ocean Cruise: Sounds Good!

Well, there’s an idea: The scholar on stage holds the status of entertainer, putting on a show for a paying audience whose scores will determine whether their lecturer’s short-term contract is renewed. Fear not: this is not a vision of some dystopian future but rather an unusual, and fascinating, break from the day job – […]

The Public Intellectual.

The public intellectual? Always existed? Part of the impact agenda? No stranger to broadcasting himself, Christopher Bigsby considers the rise of the public intellectual – halfway up a mountain, on a motorbike, quoting Aeschylus, coming to a telly near you There is a plaque in Norwich Cathedral I have always liked. It praises a clergyman […]

Ripping Yarns

With an interest in the impact agenda, an interesting story in Times Higher Education identifying some of the positives of it: “Impact” has had a bad press from many working in higher education. To some, the intention to assess the impact of research is a crude infringement of researchers’ freedom to pursue truth, beauty and uncertainty, […]

Pod Academy: Academic Podcast

Excellent idea, I must look further into this: Pod Academy is an independent, not-for-profit platform for podcasts on academic research.  Set up by a group of academics, techies and journalists, it aims to inform public debate and uncover intriguing and challenging new ideas. We are always looking for interesting new research, including research that throws […]