[MEDIA] Keep Calm and Carry On: The Truth Behind the Poster by @I_W_M

It’s interesting watching someone else give an overview of your research, here’s one of the Imperial War Museum curators picking out some of the bits that she’s found interesting from the book (easy to buy from Imperial War Museum direct, or Amazon). You can read a few other thoughts about my book here.

[MEDIA] Discussing #KeepCalm with @BBCWM, @BBC_Cumbria and @JamesHazell

You may recognise some of the information in radio interviews from my blog post from yesterday, and from the MMU press release, but finally, later this month, my book Keep Calm and Carry On: The Truth About the Poster, is published by the Imperial War Musuem. Here’s three live radio interviews I did this morning (just […]

[BOOK PUBLICATION] Keep Calm and Carry On : The Truth Behind the Poster

Within my 1997 undergraduate dissertation, and my 2004 PhD thesis, I (unintentionally) provided the story of the now ubiquitous ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ (KCCO) poster (read an extract here), whilst I was writing about two very early posters produced by the British Government in the Second World War – Your Courage, and Freedom is […]