Universities need to be less scared of technology

Interesting article, although I may contest the ‘digital generation’ stuff #seemybook And remember, this is the digital generation, born wired for wi-fi with huge expectations when it comes to the delivery of information. (However, tolerance for anything that requires an attention span is at an all-time low.) When it comes to teaching, we’re all going […]

Are Innovation and Technology Synonymous?

Is technology at the base of all innovations? Someone told me recently that there is a correlation between economic recession and the frequency of the use of the word “innovation”. The correlation is a positive one. I have no idea if it is true, or even how you could find out, but I suspect there […]

MIT 'The new new thing'

I’ve had quite an interest in MIT since I heard that they put all their lectures, etc. online (on YouTube, etc. under Creative Commons licences), something that is resisted by many an academic… and have found that it has increased interest in their courses. Here, Times Higher Education looks at their Media Lab… Joichi Ito does not […]

University of Staffordshire, Change & Innovation, #pelc10

Undertaking – innovative stuff in a traditional institution Most staff trying to be innovative, doing in isolation- not aware of top-level… how do we start to engage staff, understand how strategy is changing… Handout – resource basis,everything was coming from top-down and external influences, not taking on board internal. Enable: portfolio management (strategy development, change […]