Inside Out, North East

Talking to Linda Barker, I appear for about, ooo, 10 seconds, and then again a bit later in the programme! A lot of the information from my PhD also makes its way into the words coming from Linda Barker’s mouth… and there’s a few ways that things have been interpreted that I might take issue […]

BBC: Inside Out: Tonight

I will probably be one of the last to see it, as I will have to wait for iPlayer, but you can watch on Sky if you have it! Filming was undertaken at the Imperial War Museum about a month ago… it was quite a rush to get there in time, but a novel and […]

8th March: BBC Inside Out

The other week I was filmed for ‘Inside Out North East’, and this will be shown (in the North East) on Monday evening, but will then be available on iPlayer afterwards.¬† I have had a few questions as to why I am on in the North East when I am based in the South. The […]

Inside Out: The BBC

Today I’ve been talking to the team from ‘Inside Out, North East‘ re: a programme they are making about the Keep Calm and Carry On phenomenon. Every time someone contacts me about the story, I find it fascinating that it continues to roll on (even as we’re officially exiting the recession, I believe!), and I’m […]