A call for Interdisciplinarity

Having had a role promoting interdisciplinarity, and taken a job where I can be part of a team within an academic context – an interesting argument for more working together in the humanities: Why not the academy? What if we were to picture a team of professors, the academic equivalents of Lincoln’s collaborators, devoted to maintaining […]

Switching Research Fields?

I thought this was a great quote on change: “if you always follow the beaten track you may well find that all the grass has already been eaten”, in an article in Times Higher Education, with Nancy Rothwell. As someone who officially originated from “history”, but has also engaged with Education Studies, Media Studies, American Studies, […]

Tribes & Tribulations

As someone who works inside/outside my original disciplinary boundaries, works across the disciplines, and has promoted interdisciplinary research – this was an interesting story: Boxed into our disciplines, we academics toil away, slaves to the journal-impact factor. Everything about our research has to be geared to the style, interests and ideology of the most prestigious […]