MediaNet Academy (2007)

A site produced as a team effort at the Churches Media Council Conference ‘MediaNet Academy’, to which I’d won a free place. The site was hosted by wetpaint, a free CMS. The starter question we were provided with was “If Dr Who travelled through time to the media world of 2027, what would he find? […]

Lewis Partners (not live)

This site is designed on a small scale for the dairy and arable farm based in Norfolk run by my brother with my Dad. The site is designed to be simple, with the possibility for growth as the key uses of the website are identified. The farm is heavily involved in Open Farm Sunday, and […]

Drbexl Searches The 'Net (2008-2009)

Purpose of this blog, first created November 2008: Familiarisation with what is ‘now’ on the ‘net Experimentation with some of the new widgets/applications Listings of useful websites, themed depending on my focus for that day/hour, etc. (I have a wide range of interests and like to experiment. Built using Google Blogger. Still experimenting with new […]

Travelblog (2006-2008)

Dr Bex Lewis maintained a travelblog whilst she travelled first around the UK, then around the globe on a RTW ticket, and then around Europe as a tour leader.

Bex Lewis (1997-2010)

Personal pages are the ideal place to experiment with different techniques, colours, and generally ‘play’, although I still want my pages to look good, be informational about me, easy to navigate, and reasonably fast loading. Hosted by freenetname (now madasafish), my ISP, comes with 100MB of hosting. In November 2008 I gave my site (in […]