MediaNet Academy (2007)

A site produced as a team effort at the Churches Media Council Conference ‘MediaNet Academy’, to which I’d won a free place. The site was hosted by wetpaint, a free CMS.

The starter question we were provided with was “If Dr Who travelled through time to the media world of 2027, what would he find? How would God be working in and through the media?”. The web stream’s specific brief was to design a simple site, to include articles, host the audio and video stream output, and provide some interactivity.

As the most ‘web-experienced’ member of the group, I took editorial responsibility for the site. We worked on many areas of the site together. Specific areas of the site that I wrote include:

With Frances Murphy I presented an overview of the site to conference delegates, to encouraging feedback.

We were trained by Rachel Collinson of Rechord.

Visit Site:


Lewis Partners (not live)

This site is designed on a small scale for the dairy and arable farm based in Norfolk run by my brother with my Dad.

  • The site is designed to be simple, with the possibility for growth as the key uses of the website are identified. The farm is heavily involved in Open Farm Sunday, and I have structured the site anticipating that visitors to this are the most likely audience.
  • Information expected to go onto the site is ‘who are Lewis Partners?’, what do they produce, where are they, links they have found useful, what is involved in a farming year, and how to contact them.
  • I have not yet been given the information to put on this site, so it has not yet gone live, but an illustration is given to give an idea of the design scope.

2010: Still hoping to persuade my brother to make use of the site info already available onto a WordPress site, easy for him to update then!

Meantime: Read about Open Farm Sunday, including a Press Pack report by my niece for Open Farm Sunday 2009 (a result of an exchange of “tweets” with @OpenFarmSunday), or watch a video by another of my brother’s (I have 4!).


Drbexl Searches The 'Net (2008-2009)

Purpose of this blog, first created November 2008:

  • Familiarisation with what is ‘now’ on the ‘net
  • Experimentation with some of the new widgets/applications
  • Listings of useful websites, themed depending on my focus for that day/hour, etc. (I have a wide range of interests and like to experiment.

Built using Google Blogger. Still experimenting with new widgets, as I combine using this software with Google Blogger.

  • The blog got particularly heavy use during J John’s Just 10 series in the summer of 2009.



Travelblog (2006-2008)

Once I knew that I was leaving the University of Manchester, and started making plans for ‘Round the World’ travels, I decided to jump into the world of ‘blogging’. This site was the one that first came up on ‘Googling’ ‘travelblog’, and seemed to fit the purpose. I have religiously updated it on my travels, although the writing is very rough in form, and the images have not been particularly carefully chosen!

The primary audience of the site was myself – it was designed as a record for my own memories, back-up storage of images, and possibly to provide raw material for travel writing at some point.

The secondary audience of the site was my friends and family as with limited (aka internet cafe) access to the internet I wanted to be able to contact many people at once, and have them know that I was safe, plus give them some insight into what I was doing/seeing and learning!

The joy of updating the site has disappeared somewhat, and my ‘big travels’ come to an end in November 2008, so I plan to do some quick entries (all the photos are on, which is all most people are interested in, but be good to have some brief text), and then bring it to a close!


Bex Lewis (1997-2010)

Personal pages are the ideal place to experiment with different techniques, colours, and generally ‘play’, although I still want my pages to look good, be informational about me, easy to navigate, and reasonably fast loading.

Hosted by freenetname (now madasafish), my ISP, comes with 100MB of hosting. In November 2008 I gave my site (in existence since 1998) a quick makeover to make it look a bit fresher, more relevant, and removed many of the space-hogging photos. The initial driver for putting up the site was to provide photos for friends and family scattered across the UK/around the world, but with blogs and Facebook this has become less necessary, and I will remove all aside from a small selection of images (reducing some privacy issues)

The site is designed to provide:

  • the photos at the top give a quick drbexl-bio of my varied interests
  • an ‘extended CV’ to support any job applications;
  • a place to keep a record of a selection of sites in relation to my hobbies and interests;
  • a space for highlighting e-campaigns;
  • links to other sites, including blogs/Facebook; and
  • my current ‘wishlist’ for things I am saving up for.

With each version of the site (first launched in 1997), I maintain a similar colour theme throughout, and there’s rarely a need to start from scratch at any point. I re-use information where necessary, restructure according to my new plans, and add whatever my current interests are. In January 2009, to go with my new, more-positive outlook on life, I added a stronger purple-ness to the site!

The site is built with Dreamweaver, using a table structure (will shortly be re-constructed using CSS), and editable regions within a template.


Previous Designs