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[MEDIA] Discussing Gloucester Cathedral and Facebook

It definitely does seem to be the story of the day – I spoke earlier in the day for 4-5 minutes via Skype – always interesting to see what gets picked up and how it’s interpreted (see on iPlayer) – I’m at the last 20-30 seconds of this clip:

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[MEDIA] Faith exhibition at Gloucester Cathedral with @BBCGlos

(Very) early this morning I had a chat with Mark Cummings on BBC Radio Gloucester about Gloucester Cathedral and a video they had removed from their Facebook page after an interfaith event (Full programme).

I’m at around 5 min 40 in this clip:

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[SPEAKER] Social Media & Faith Organisations with #Coexist

Prepared for this morning’s session working with Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders on the Coexist Leadership Programme:

Social Media and Faith Organisations from Bex Lewis