Plug in – but tune in, too @timeshighered

Inspiring stuff from Duke University, where they issued all first-year students with iPods, with no particular idea of what they were going to do with them pedagogically: Well, not so fast. I believe strongly in the importance of education addressing the urgencies of the moment, but I also oppose “techno-determinism”: the tendency to think that […]

Learning with the iPad

Engaging, educational apps, on a lightweight moveable tool… can be used across the age-groups. Learning anytime, anywhere…

No Spark Kindled

The e-reader cannot surpass the pleasures of the page, says Gary Day, where everything is illuminated Let’s hear no more about Kindle, Amazon’s “Revolutionary Wireless Reading Device”. It looks like a roof slate. A moment of carelessness and it could be used to fix a leak. So what if it can store 3,500 books? Who […]

Going PaperLess in Meetings #iPad

Today, at a meeting that I regularly go to, I decided to go ‘paperless’. The papers for the committee had already been emailed to me (rather than the usual internal post, which can be hard for me to get as I’m only in 2 days a week), and so were accessible via my email online.Some […]

The iPad – A Game Changer for E-Learning? // Graham Brown-Martin // #jiscel10

The article by Graham Brown Martin prepared for the #jiscel10 conference is fascinating, particularly having reviewed one recently, and finding that others want to use it, but because of the way iTunes works, it has been personalised to me, and I don’t particularly want people being able to use my email, etc. I have picked […]