New Email?

I signed up with Freenetname back in the mists of time, and have stuck with it since that time. I am having a few problems, and am looking for recommendations to change:

  • It provided a free domain name (, 100MB of storage space, and an associated POP3 email account for £20 per year, which I still think is a good deal.
  • The account was originally on dial-up, but I’ve not had to use that for a long-time, using wi-fi anywhere I can access it (or 3G on my phone if not!)
  • I want to retain my domain name and email address (downloadable into Outlook), but will be transferring my website onto, so will be looking for an easy to use host which allows that (and then I will integrate this blog into it).
  • I have never been able to send emails using the POP3 account on my iPhone (or through my workplace wi-fi, but that is never going to happen), although I can receive in both places, and this is becoming a problem.
I already have a g-mail account, but I like having the email under my domain name. I play with social media more than I know about lots of technical stuff, although I have a reputation as a bit of a geek girl! Let me know: bex at