WTC MOOC Week 4: Jesus  (@WTCTheology)

This week we’ll explore the story of Jesus Christ as revealed in the four Gospels, beginning with the testimony of face-to-face encounters with him. John 20:11-18, 21:15-17 Matt 5:1-12 John 8:1-11 Bauckham Jesus favoured indirect communication – appealing to the imagination/provoke thought. Asking questions without giving answers., using a range of styles (metaphors, similes, analogies, […]

Another BNP Poster: What Would Jesus Do?

As I’m working my way through “What Would Google Do?“, and spotting those reuses of other posters… discussing with others how the BNP have taken on board the Keep Calm and Carry On message… I received a copy of this blog entry by the Unfinished Christian (aren’t we all?!), extract: “The poster has been condemned […]