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JISC Innovating E-Learning 2009

At the JISC “Innovating E-Learning” Conference (great to have a chance to attend a conference in your PJs, when it’s not even “Children in Need”!). Today I only managed the keynote with Charlie Leadbeater, author of We Think, (interesting, but the back-chat was even more interesting), but am now catching up on some of the information that’s online. If you’re interested in checking it out on Twitter, try #jiscel09. The conference (which is on for the next 2 days as well) was only £50, meaning that discussion and recordings of events will be available online afterwards (and there’s a blog by @jamesclay), which is great as there are few people who can make 3 whole days of a conference, but this is time/financially efficient – recommendation is that you spend 2 hours a day on the conference to make the most of it, and I made some interesting contacts in the first session, including Helen Whitehead from ‘Reach Further‘. Meantime, couple of quite amusing (but thought provoking) bits of time-travelling:

(from EdTechie)

Sure they’ll be some more blogs feeding back, but meantime I have lots of information to digest on the JISC site (and 15 essays to mark by lunchtime tomorrow, and I work better at night!), whilst I listen to KUBE information, and consider whether institutions have a future.

Let’s let @jamesclay have a bit of a last word: