RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms (Ken Robinson)

A really interesting video (using the beautiful RSA Animate style), which takes Sir Ken Robinson, arguing that the education system is no longer suitable for the modern day: The video was suggested by Clare Killen at the #jiscel11 conference.

What are you saying? #JISCEL11

Below is a repost of a guest blog post that I did for ‘Letters from the Edge’ for the JISC Online Conference: A theme that has already emerged in at the conference is one of the importance of the language that we’re using. The following themes have already appeared either in the chat themes, or […]

#JISCEL11 Daily Summaries

A new style of information from the JISC Annual online conference – these are fascinating (I’m hoping I can find Day 4 somewhere, at some point), and sum up what was once again an excellent conference: If you were at the conference, discussions are now closed, but material is available to read/engage with until 31st […]

Ewan McIntosh #jiscel11

Live notes from the session (italics my thoughts, rest my notes):  The danger of so much jargon in the world. I end up in 2 minds about this – sometimes it’s a shorthand that works for the community, but sometimes it excludes people. Simon Cowell – how do we define his success – the amount […]

Great video #JISCEL11 (via @jamesclay)

A really inspiring video which echoes much of what I end up saying (wonder if I could sneak this into my Soc Med for Scared courses… makes a chance from ‘Guess the date of the quote’ – which usually sounds like something people say about social media, but was about e.g. the printing press or […]