Social Media for Employability (@_UoW)

Social Media for Job Hunting on Prezi The University of Winchester is hosting ‘Employability Week’ this week, and right now, I’ll be presenting the above Prezi, hopefully to a keen bunch of students (you don’t get too far in social media without being keen/enthusiastic), covering some of the ways that I’ve used social media to […]

Woo hoo!

I used those precise words when I sent an email to my Mum the other day. My plan on coming back to Winchester was to get enough work to see me through to June… job done, but although I’d had lots of conversations, I didn’t have anything concrete for my next stage – enough work […]

Easy Virtue #Review for Damaris Culturewatch

Easy Virtue My most recent film review for Damaris Culturewatch covers ‘Easy Virtue’, based on the Noel Coward play, released in the cinema in November 2008, reviewed once released on DVD last month. Themes coverered: Masks, honesty, relationships, family, class See full text: [Sept 2015 – download PDF] P.S. For those who were wondering about […]

Church Army

I have an interview with the Church Army on Wednesday, first pointed in the way of the post by Graham Nunn, who’s been a great encouragement, and great fun to talk to!! He spoke on an Oak Hall reunion I was leading, and had everyone laughing and thinking about what he was saying… we’re all […]