Jonathan Foss

img-1Jonathan Foss was a ‘young advertising designer’ who joined the staff of the Air Ministry Publicity Branch ‘just prior to the out-break of war as a “lay-out” man’, leaving in late 1943 to work for the London Press Exchange. Foss’s designs appear to particularly make use of ‘sincere realism’ through photographic material, particularly with colour montages. Foss was particularly influenced by Cassandre, at one point his favourite poster designer. He designed about 60 posters for the R.A.F. of which ‘Volunteer for Flying Duties’ was the first major one. From 1952 to 1955 he worked for Unilver in Brussels. He returned to England to become the international art director for Colman, Prentis and Varley Ltd. He then worked for two advertising firms in New Zealand, before settling in Australia.

Information taken from: ‘W.A.A.F. Recruiting Posters’, Art and Industry, Vol.32, No.189, January 1942, pp.12-13; ‘A.T.C. Recruiting Campaign’, Advertiser’s Weekly, November 11 1943, p.136; Darracott, J. and Loftus, B., Second World War Posters, 1981 (1972), p.29

Featured Image: Lisa E-Journal