Call for Issue 3 of The Poster #Journal #CfP

Special Issue on the visual rhetorics of command and control for The Poster Journal. Call theme Visual rhetorics are by definition in the business of persuasion: in both private and public spheres, such rhetorics attempt to change the behaviours of both individuals and groups. From the “Stop” sign at the end of our street, through the […]

Journals: A more social means of publishing?

Should the peer-review process for academic journals be by-passed for a more online/social means of publishing? Pickrell went on to describe, in general detail, the features this journal-killing app would require. It would bypass the formal peer review process, taking pre-publication papers and allowing a community of users (scholars and experts, most likely) to vote […]

Open Access Journals: Has the shine faded?

The recent launch of several high-profile open-access journals by commercial publishers including Nature Publishing Group and SAGE elicited cheers from veterans of the open-access movement. Here, they thought, was evidence that their ideal of making research freely available online, as expressed in 2002’s landmark Budapest Open Access Initiative document, was finally gaining mainstream traction. But […]


Here’s a journal I wish that I’d been in a position to submit an article to, but my diary is rather stuffed (at least til the end of June!), but I look forward to seeing what is produced… Deadline: November 30, 2010 Guest Editor: Mary McAleer Balkun The editors seek articles (5,000-10,000 words) and media […]

Submission fees could pave way to open-access future

Defray scholarly journals’ peer-review costs with per-paper charge, study advises. Paul Jump writes Major journals could move to an open-access model if they charged a fee for every paper submitted to them, a study has suggested. Most open-access journals are currently funded solely via charges to the authors of papers accepted for publication. However, high-profile […]