#EmptyShelf17 #26: Becoming Reverand by @revmattwoodcock

Becoming Reverend: A diary by Matt Woodcock My rating: 4 of 5 stars I met Matt whilst teaching MediaLit at Cranmer Hall a few years ago – he made a comment about how pimped up my laptop was (it was a chrome covered HP) … He’s certainly a larger than life character and starting the […]

Ask questions of digital data

The importance of learning to ask ‘probing questions’ of digital data: The digital revolution has led to significant changes in news reporting. One is the use of social media as a tool for gathering and disseminating information, and another is the mining of data for stories. Data journalism is hardly new. As early as the […]

Can journalism survive in an internet age?

Interesting book review: We’re witnessing either the end of journalism or the birth of a golden age – depending on your point of view, or more likely depending on whether or not you are a journalist. This is the key theme of this fascinating study by David Ryfe, who takes what appears to be his […]

Breaking the News Mould @timeshighered

The fragile balance between journalism and academia: Journalism with academic analysis can create material with impact – but will the REF consider it? asks John Mair Imagine that you are a cub reporter sent out to a story about an equine accident by your news editor. You get to the scene, the horse has bolted, […]

Reboot camp

Journalists: need new media knowledge! Aspiring and seasoned US journalists alike are looking to tech-savvy graduate schools to help them survive and thrive in a new multimedia environment. Jon Marcus reports Jennifer Hellum’s first semester as a graduate student in journalism school taught her, among other things, how to function with almost no sleep. That […]