Academic Digital Event

An Evening With Sir Ken Robinson (16th March 2011)

“Asking if there’s enough creativity in schools is like asking if there’s enough education in schools.  Promoting creativity in all its forms should be one of the fundamental purposes of all schools. Ten years ago in All Our Futures we made a distinction between ‘teaching creatively’ and ‘teaching for creativity’. The first is about teachers using their own creative abilities to inspire and engage pupils in what they’re teaching. The second is about developing pupils’ own imaginations, creative skills and powers of original thought. As recent reports on Creative Partnerships have shown, the evidence is that when schools embrace creative education in both senses, pupils are more engaged in education, teacher morale is greater and achievement rises across the board. For all these reasons, there can never be enough creativity in schools. Or enough education.”

See: EventBrite for tickets and more information. I’m tempted but…