#ALTC2011 Comes to a Close

Final Keynote: John Naughton Many of the most important technological developments in computing and networking have come as surprises – pleasant and/or unpleasant – to professional communities and commercial organisations, including those which are supposed to know what the future holds. How does this happen? Why are we so bad at anticipating the technological future? […]

Joining online? #altc2011

Not the most successful remote joining of a session ever.. I appear to have lost sound to all my internet files … a reboot (as always) seemed to fix that (for now)! Whilst we seek out the recording for this actual session (PPT slides are here), see an 11 minute video from 2010:

Keynote @mbrechner #altc2011

Miguel Brechner, Uruguay. Plan Ceibal Talk will be available online afterwards, abstract is on Crowdvine. Not one laptop per child – much bigger than that… Not about ICT/technology, but about social/political gains. Fear of the teachers – that students would know much more than they would. 450 000 impacts…. Including far more equality. Diagram shows […]

Mark Nichols, live from Queensland #iblc10

  Mark Nichols, Laidlaw College Auckland   Blended Learning – a term still ill defined.   With OU – defining ‘interactive’ – covered everything from “next” to complex.   Essential Elements of Blended Learning: No absolutes…   Combines the best of online and face-to-face experiences Garrison & Vaughan – thoughtful fusion of f2f and online […]