Is this an earner for Twitter or for another third party app? Tweetup appears to be following the GoogleAd model, identifying keywords within Tweets (on which advertisers will bid for keywords)… will this be seen as diminishing what many love about Twitter (largely non-commercial, or at least a choice about engaging with those commercial feeds), or will it be win-win, allowing you to find those Tweeters you are most interested in following via the interests you have in common…

“Welcome to TweetUp – home of the world’s best tweeters! We’ve embarked on an exciting quest to let even more people realize the tremendous potential of Twitter as a real-time information network. TweetUp makes Twitter more relevant for everyone. It’s the fastest and easiest way for you to find the best tweeters in the world, and for serious tweeters to grow a highly targeted following.

One of the biggest complaints about Twitter is that 80% of tweets are pure noise, while valuable tweets fly by in an instant never to be seen again. All of which makes finding useful information from the most important tweeters almost impossible. And for serious tweeters, there is the daunting task of attracting interested and relevant followers. TweetUp aims to change all of that.

TweetUp boosts the world’s best tweeters on any topic to the top of search results, raising them above the noise and giving them persistence against the backdrop of millions of tweets that fly by each minute. TweetUp has developed an algorithm that assesses the quality, relevance, and influence of tweets and tweeters, combined with a bid-based marketplace. This helps you find the best tweeters to follow, and if you’re a serious tweeter, it increases your visibility, attracting the most highly targeted followers.”

Read the full brochure (PDF).