9 Positive Things About the Internet with @KidsEmail


I’ve been having a bit of a chat with Heather and Brittany from KidsEmail.Org, so I looked at what they’re offering.  Their email offers mail monitoring, time restrictions, mail queue, block senders, contact manager, remove ads, GPS tracker and custom mailboxes – a number of features that can be used, definitely with younger kids, and then gradually giving more responsibility to the child, until they move onto a grown-up option. Heather offered the following blog post: 

The internet seems to get a bad rap in the media, and while some of the criticism is completely justified, could we really go back to living life without our online accessibility?  Personally I couldn’t!  So much of my life is centered around online activity in one way or another.  Consequently, staying safe online is a top priority, and so is utilizing all that the internet has to offer.

There are many benefits to having the internet and we shouldn’t shy away from using it.  With the proper tools in place we can be safer now than ever before, giving us the ability to teach ourselves and our children to respect online interactions and behaviour.

The internet is our source for fast information, and as a whole, can be rewarding and positive. Below are 9 points to demonstrate just how positive the internet can be.

  1. Information – we are able to access information faster now than ever before.  Any subject matter is a small search away, and as a result, making it easier for students (or anyone!) to search out what they need without spending hours and hours at the library.
  2. Working from home is a greater possibility – My husband is able to work from home about 50% of the time, making his schedule more flexible.  Bloggers have created empires simply by starting something small and creating a space for themselves online.  And what am I doing as I write this?  I’m sipping a latte in a local coffee shop, going mobile  and working where I please.
  3. Communication – we’re able to connect with loved ones, business partners, and complete strangers online.  Social media has made it possible for us to have conversations that we may never have broached before.  We can share pictures, video, and words with anyone!
  4. Saving money on travel – Planning a trip is so much simpler and cost effective now, and as a result, leaves us with more room for memories and seeing the world!
  5. Business transactions -Small and large businesses can use the internet for almost everything needed to become successful.  The internet is a win win for businesses, specifically making business meetings, advertising, selling, buying, and finding employees/employers accessible.
  6. Online schooling – Our yesterday’s limits to public or private schooling are a thing of the past.  High school students can now work full time jobs and go to school full time, thanks to the internet.  People who’ve never had the ability to attend college can now schedule it in while sitting at home in their PJ’s. There really isn’t an excuse NOT to continue your education.
  7. News is immediate – If an earthquake happens across the globe, we can now hear about it immediately. We have unlimited streaming news and can educate ourselves on all sorts of issues, like political, science, and entertainment.
  8. Online shopping – Hello!!  One of my favorites.  I was able to buy 100% of last Christmas online.  I can order from large retailers or small and local craftsman.
  9. Entertainment – My husband and I haven’t paid for cable in years.  There’s really no need to. Streaming video and favourite T.V. series are a click away.  Reading is now simple and effortless with downloadable e-reading you can get old classics or new releases immediately.  And don’t forget about streaming music.  Best of both worlds!

And of course… it’s always open – This says it all.  The internet is a 24/7 running machine.

All things considered, the internet is what we make it.  It can be one of the most rewarding tools in our day to day life, and can be seen as significantly positive experience.