#EmptyShelf2016 #54-56: Emily of New Moon (trilogy)

Over the last few evenings I’ve been sending myself to sleep with this trilogy … now need something else to get me through to the end of term!

Current read …

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If you’ve read and enjoyed Anne of Green Gables, these are a later trilogy of novels from L.M.Montgomery, with another orphan (although she’s not at the start), starting with Emily of New Moon as she moves in Aunts Elizabeth and Laura, and Jimmy, and throughout her school years as she channels her writing energies; Emily Climbs as she attends college and starts to have a few pieces of writing accepted, and Emily’s Quest, as she aims to reach the top of the ‘Alpine Path’ of her writing journey. Montgomery was rumoured to love this work more than Anne, but Anne remains her most loved work.

You can get both series + other books (which I have yet to read) for 49p on Kindle!