[MEDIA] Talking Shortform Text with @PetrieHosken on @BBCRadioLondon

It was a loooooong journey back from Suffolk yesterday, so I was still asleep when my phone rang at 9.15am (I’d missed the earlier text as my phone doesn’t give any notifications between 11pm and 9am), from BBC London, asking if I could respond to the story that David Attenborough says he doesn’t understand textspeak […]

BBC Radio 4: Digital Human (Series 6:2014: Episode 2: Language) #DigiHuman

2/6: Language http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04lpxx9 We communicate with each other in more ways than ever and with an ever expanding range of devices and platforms. But they all piggy back on an earlier invention, our original social networking technology – language. In this edition of the Digital Human Aleks Krotoski explores the idea of language as a […]

Learning Portuguese with @MindSnacks

I lived in Brazil for 5 months in 1994 (whilst another World Cup was on, and when Ayrton Senna died). Although I spent most of my time speaking English (for the benefit of the kids I was working with), I wanted to learn some Portuguese, most of which I gained from Linkword. I went back […]