Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

I went on a course on emotional intelligence … so interested in this piece that came up in this weeks Times Higher Education: It is about recognising your own emotional reactions to what happens under your leadership. For instance, one female head of department told me that she always checked her mood and emotional state before […]

Academic Leadership?

An interesting (short) article on where academic loyalty lies, and the need for academic managers to recognise the professionalism of academics, rather than viewing them as ‘products’ for students: In conclusion, the study – titled Academic Leadership: Changing Conceptions, Identities and Experiences in UK Higher Education – offers a series of possible ways forward. For example, university […]

Academic Leadership – what’s required?

Too few academics are putting themselves forward for the top jobs. Amanda Goodall argues that we must nurture talent, value achievement and pay more if we want to fill the empty chairs Universities need leaders – and leaders who are good academics. Yet in the UK there is no long queue of potential applicants. The […]