[LECTURE] Raising Children in a Digital Age … and Business

Looking at ‘Raising Children in a Digital Age‘ as useful information for Foundation Business Students at MMU – helping them look at responsibilities, the culture they’re engaging with – especially if creating content online to create a safer online environment Raising Children in a Digital Age for Foundation Business Degree @MMUBS from Bex Lewis Listen […]

Lectures Still of Value?

Really interested in the debates about teaching styles, especially re: lectures: By the 1970s, educational scholar Donald Bligh had written one of the first comprehensive reviews of the research evidence about teaching in higher education, a book titled What’s the Use of Lectures? It was comprehensively damning. Although there are a number of pedagogic systems that almost […]

Lecturing on an Ocean Cruise: Sounds Good!

Well, there’s an idea: The scholar on stage holds the status of entertainer, putting on a show for a paying audience whose scores will determine whether their lecturer’s short-term contract is renewed. Fear not: this is not a vision of some dystopian future but rather an unusual, and fascinating, break from the day job – […]

Does Style Help Substance?

I thought this was a really interesting piece, as it takes a lot of extra time, etc. to prepare a lecture that’s more interesting, and even more time (often) to not “tell” students, but build in activities where they can learn for themselves: “The fluent instructor was rated significantly higher than the disfluent instructor on […]

Lectures on their way out? MOOCs in?

Interesting thoughts on lectures and MOOCs But we also thought lectures were redundant. Indeed, one star performer, A.J.P. Taylor, who attracted vast audiences to his television lectures, too, told us so, although we all suspected that he did so only to prove himself wrong by telling us all sorts of things we would not find […]