Gets my travel juices going…

… but the bigger question is can academia be done differently? For many early career academics, feeling run-down, overworked, underpaid and pressured to perform is all part of the job – something to be tolerated in the hope that a fruitful and rewarding university career awaits. But two disillusioned young scholars recently decided instead to […]

Dangers of Part-Time Teaching? @timeshigher

Indeed, after many years of part-time teaching – it’s somewhat easier if you already work in the institution and so have those facilities available, but it’s hard work: Part-time teachers are not getting the support they require from university departments, despite their growing importance within the academy. Although around 40 per cent of staff in […]

Research Students as Teachers?

The following is definitely a real issue for students, whatever the reality, the perception affects their behaviour. Even as someone with 11 years of teaching experience, but not full time within the department,  the students felt cheated that they had not got the tutor that they expected, making it far more difficult for me as the […]

‘Work is Exhausting’ @timeshighered

Gender seemed to have most impact on the way burnout revealed itself, the study suggests. Male lecturers typically had higher depersonalisation scores, for example, while their female peers tended to suffer more emotional exhaustion. This probably reflected, the authors suggest, the draining effect on women who were having to “juggle multiple roles at work and […]

‘Too Detailed and Prescriptive’

Experts have raised “serious concerns” about new requirements for lecturer training. The proposals, set out by the Higher Education Academy, are “too detailed and prescriptive” and could be counterproductive, staff in the field have warned. Plans to revise the UK Professional Standards Framework were published by the HEA in November after the Browne Review called […]