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Lee Goodger: Social Media for Church Engagement #dmingml @Rem0te

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Practical advice for setting up a strategy. Passionate about technology and things that go ‘bing’! Always asks why do you want to do it and what will it achieve?! Is ‘pragmatic, resourceful, challenging with a considered approach’.  Need to understand what your consumers want.

With social media there is no instant answer, no silver bullet, no cake mix

If you build it they won’t necessarily come…

  • Requires: time & commitment, some £s; understanding & a desire to learn; clear purpose & objectives. Only as good as the time you put Into it. Have to jump in and be prepared to make mistakes.
  • Common barriers: Time, don’t know what to do, mundane, irrelevant. ‘No one cares what I have to say, I’m not cool enough to get people interested in my thoughts and opinions.’ // check out all the Amazon opinions etc.
  • Good: rewarding, share ministry remotely, global online audience, make acquaintances online/offline, learn, create a personal online library, ability to share faith.
  • What would Jesus do online? Use the resources available now… Mark 16:15 ‘go into all the world and …’
  • Be aware of: Be prepared on costs possibly coming on stuff that’s free at the moment  – and be aware that much access is made on smartphones. People don’t want to come to church so go where we are.
  • What are your objectives? Document every 6 months – what do you want to achieve? How much time do you have? How tech Savvy are you? How are measuring success?  How can best share?
  • Benefits for mission? Missed that slide… Beauty is the name – social – people can choose. Tool to be relevant. Help distribute resource & opinion. Increase visibility passion experience etc. Great access to scripture – encourage, expose more people to God’s message. Twitter – wow the church seems to be doing modern things…
  • Listen! What conversations already taking place online, where, with who?! Don’t get silo’d in the church forums. Icerocket. Google blog search & technorati etc …
  • ID topics & keywords. Work out where/what platforms thugs are happening. Set up RSS feeds so can keep reading good content. This presentation will be on Slideshare afterwards – some will be good, some bad, it’s the nature of it.
  • Set up – what works for you. E.g. Facebook group – continue discussion of the days themes. See more of each others, social – see where sermons etc may need to change. Podcasts & vodcasts – no right/wrong…
  • Identity personality relevancy consistency (timing of publications) dynamism.
    • Blogs – easy easy easy.
    • URL shorteners.
    • Twitter etc – visibility, immediacy, ???
    • VBulletin – forum – if don’t already have a mass audience waste of time.
  • Be aware content – many people ‘snack’ content (if long , try a short post 1st) – what is topical? What interests you? Tools for content …
  • Blog: – pretty well done. Church doesn’t have to be Sunday morning… Set up an Eco-system. Get your hands dirty!!
  • Engage & Share – tech is changing relationships – more about conversation & collaboration. Are you broadcasting or collaborating? So easy to unfollow… Blogroll = shared interests. Read others, comments. Take time to reply & say thanks.
  • Make more of bookmarking – share all interesting articles etc Stumbleupon – simplest.
  • Great diagram – best practice to engage…
  • Your online reputation – permanent record. Self Google! Be best online ref for self. You choose what you share.
  • Pipl, spezify, friendfeed, posterous.
  • Keep an eye on what’s emerging – eg google places, Meetup, geotag etc
  • Crowd sourcing. Select set of criteria – be transparent & unambiguous. Nurture & facilitate. Could also allow audience to have creative control.
  • Like Marmite. Allow consumers to determine the product – how would this work at church – eg vote for themes?!
  • Guest bloggers video/audio of people in church online polls for discussions & collaboration host topical debates on a diary slot. Don’t expect everyone to jump on… Enjoy the experimentation phase.
  • Slide – benefits for your church.
  • Listen offline – be mindful of e.g. getting self absorbed on FB etc – don’t alienate by feeling can’t all join. Don’t force people buying iPhone4 etc.
  • Think of effectiveness of website. All about sharing the gospel…
  • Experiment listen & engage. You are the publisher / you decide what you use – the more you do – the higher in the church rankings.
  • Thinking – older – don’t have emails… Use paper also.
  • Songs – don’t for copyright! Sound libraries, e.g. ‘The Sound Effects Library
  • Child protection – what are you hosting on there? Under 14 shouldn’t be online?! [see child protection]
  • VBulletin – own forums. Eg moneysaving expert uses.
  • Text messaging (costs?!) – opt in with parents consent.
  • Cross post from website – look for ways to share – use with social media – how do the two work together.  E.g. – go on Facebook to meet the audience there. George Fox about to give info away ‘for free’ – can develop on from there.
  • Posterous etc. Saved in email sent. Keep local source copies.