News Stories from #Keepcalmandcarryon

Just listing some of the stories returned by Google Trademark challenged (SME perspective) IP Group planning to reclaim trademark Financial Times BBC Breakfast Piston Heads Octane Factory (another one who has got hold of the wrong end of the stick)

#KeepCalmandCarryon Statement from @yesnomaybeltd

We join their blogpost part-way through: When we discovered that keepcalm& had been snapped up and was trading we checked it out and was disturbed to find a site that looked VERY similar to ours. I also saw colour choices for prints and T shirts had been copied and our suppliers too! The product was […]

#KeepCalmandCarryOn Statement from Barter Books

“Barter Books wish to make it clear that Mark Coop has no ethical or moral right to ‘Keep Calm’. The reverse – when he first jumped on the band-wagon, six years after it was first put on sale, and two years after the Guardian feature and subsequent TV that started the worldwide spread, it was […]

Keep Calm and Campaign On @bbcbreakfast #Keepcalmandcarryon

This morning on @bbcbreakfast (8.20am), the story was broadcast re Mark Coop’s (successful, so far) attempt to trademark ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ within the EU (as applied to the items he sells: t-shirts, mugs, etc.). Mark Cooper owns, which as you can see has capitalised hugely on the slogan: On TV this morning […]