[CANCER] Script for @BBCRadio4 Lent Talk on Faith, Uncertainty and Cancer

This evening, my Lent Talk for BBC Radio 4 has been broadcast. The script I read from was as follows: I’m just posting a picture onto my Instagram feed, and as I have done several times over the past year or so, tagged it with #waitingroomfeet. As you might guess, this is a picture of […]

[BLOGPOST] Social Media Fast for Lent? Not for me! for @themedianet

Read full blog post about why I am not a fan of giving up social media for Lent, or regarding it as a ‘waste of time’, when it’s a strong tool for building relationships. <edit – November 2018 – the blog post appears to have been taken down, so content reproduced here): I wrote a […]

[PRESS] Quoted in @TheWarCryUK re Social Media and Lent

I had a chat with Philip from Salvation Army’s The War Cry the other week, always interesting to see which extracts are used: Quoted in this week’s @TheWarCryUK – Lent = social media provides new opportunities for interactivity. Also – @40acts … pic.twitter.com/ED1uA7SsCi — Dr Bex Lewis (@drbexl) February 28, 2017