Why Work? Dorothy Sayers

Can you remember – it is already getting difficult to remember – what things were like before the war? The stockings we bought cheap and threw away to save the trouble of mending? The cars we scrapped every year to keep up with the latest fashion in engine design and streamlining? The bread and bones […]

LICC Social Media Boot Camp – 4 September 2010

“Social Media has exploded into everyday life with people sharing a tidal wave of photos, videos, words and audio. It’s no longer a question of whether to get involved in Social Media, but how to. The Social Media boot camp on Saturday 4 September will explore safely, personally and simply: • What is Social Media, […]


At LICC, we believe that every part of our lives comes under the Lordship of Christ, and that all of life is a context for worship, mission, ministry and active Christian engagement twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Our strategy therefore focuses on making whole-life discipleship a central, operational component of UK Church […]

[Book Review] Mark Greene ‘Thank God It’s Monday’

I first heard of LICC (the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity) at Greenbelt in 2005. I’d been doing a lot of thinking about whether I should be doing ’more Christian’ work. I was particularly struggling as I was finding my job job in Manchester deeply unfulfilling. I picked up a few pamphlets, then when I […]