[LIFE EXPLORER] Playing with #WizardsUnite

Now, you know I’ve enjoyed playing with PokemonGo (and I still am), but just over a week ago Wizards Unite was released by Niantic (the same people as make PokemonGo), based upon Harry Potter. When PokemonGo was released 3 years ago, we all said if they released a Harry Potter version we’d all been there. […]

[LIFE] Wild Water Swimming #BusyLivingWithMets

Ah, what an evening! It’s important to do things that make life ‘zing’, so after talking to Kate for quite some time about joining her for wild/open water swimming, we made it tonight as Bryony and I were nearby … water temperature was 5.9 degrees – so ‘very chilly’ … we swum in a little […]

#EmptyShelf17 #25: Declutter Your Mind by @habitsguy

Declutter Your Mind: How to Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate Negative Thinking by S.J. Scott My rating: 4 of 5 stars This book only took 20-30 mins to read at a quick run through and brought together a strong selection of material on mindfulness, defining values, doing the things you’re meant to. I have […]

Life Exploring: #WOMAD2016

So thanks to changing my gas/electric to Ecotricity, as recommended by my friend Steve, I ended up with a free ticket to WOMAD Festival last weekend as a welcome offer (or I could have had a £50 voucher for Ecotopia). I hadn’t heard of WOMAD, but asking about it on Facebook, lots of positive reviews, so although […]