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Benjamin Ellis: Why the ‘we’ generation ‘knows’ different. Not what we think, not what you think, what we think they think. Marketing to averages is pointless so if we call it a generation of ‘digital natives’ (term doesn’t like) – if lump together – lose uniqueness. In many ways we’re more privatised whilst also more […]

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Robert Clay achieving market leadership with Creativity & Curation Invented anti-corrosion for cars Building up expertise over past experience. Develops into huge marketing collection books audio rss twitter facebook linked in paperli information organised into a knowledge base (auto sorted) People suffering from information overload – no normal people can cope with this. Distil information […]

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Sim Stewart cofacio – a help engines for organizations People are facing: Information overload Speed of change Time poor A new system where can find people looking for same kind of issues. Why? Once you remove the barriers people like to help each other. Why not? No reason why can’t just do things for fun […]

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‘Show me the money’ Why are we on social media if each of our followers isn’t giving us money? Essentially about sharing (Twitter, Facebook, Music etc.) Also about influencing – may not be changing substance but way people interacting. A lot of people aren’t in for the money. Concerns re books & newspapers available for […]