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Damaris Culturewatch: My Sister’s Keeper (review)

In My Sister’s Keeper, Kate Fitzgerald (Sofia Vassilieva) is diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia when she is two years old, and the prognosis is not positive. Her parents, Sara (Cameron Diaz) and Brian (Jason Patric), and her brother Jesse (Evan Ellingson) are not genetic matches. Sara, at least, will do anything to save Kate, and Dr Wayne (Jeffrey Markle) suggests, off the record, that producing another child in a test-tube would provide a perfectly matched donor. Anna (Abigail Breslin) is the result. The initial expectation is that only the blood from the umbilical cord will be used, but by the time Anna is 11, she’s undergone a number of medical procedures, including bone marrow transplants, and the latest call is for a kidney.

Download the rest of this article (be aware, it contains plot spoilers), which I wrote.

The Big Sleep Out: Winchester

Winchester: 15th May 2009

Do you feel inspired to sponsor these people who are CHOOSING to spend a night out in the cold, in the aid of those who feel they have no choice?

I’M NOT ASKING FOR BIG AMOUNTS, BUT IN TUNE WITH THE IDEA THAT SMALL CHANGES ADD UP TO BIG CHANGE(S), AM LOOKING FOR 50 PEOPLE TO SPONSOR ME WITH £2.00 EACH… of course you can pledge more if you wish… I’m just looking to get lots of people involved/raise awareness, etc.! If you’d prefer to give me the money offline, that’s fine too…

Companions: Amanda Henocq Charly Norton, been chatting to Martin Tod on Twitter about it, and also from the University The Sleepy Heads!

About the charity : Winchester Churches NightshelterWinchester Churches Nightshelter
Big Sleep Out: a fundraising event in Winchester Cathedral Close, in aid of Winchester Churches Nightshelter and Trinity Winchester. Both charities are extremely stretched by high demand and need your help; so do their guests, those sleeping rough and the hidden homeless. Please support us.

Winchester Churches Night Shelter offers an essential lifeline to the homeless, providing high quality food and shelter and a secure support network offered to address problems and re-develop life skills. We are the only direct access accommodation for the homeless in Hampshire, and a vital first port-of-call for our guests. Our team of professional support workers and staff is focused on helping guests move into sustainable, long-term accommodation and escape the homelessness cycle for good. Further details:

Trinity Winchester is a day time drop-in centre that provides services for those experiencing the effects of homelessness, vulnerable housing, problems with substance misuse, mental health issues, poverty, unemployment and social isolation. Further details:
Charity Registration No 1080443

[Addition on the day: Please help get my sponsorship up to £100! It’s raining, and we either sleep outside, or we sleep in the Cathedral – which will be FREEZING (a hard stone floor)… Every penny counts]


You Only Have One Life: Live It Well

It’s such a pain not having a functional (internet) computer at home, can take a little while to get around to these things, and fit them around the sheer volume of work that is currently coming in! Living by my mantra of if you’re going to do something, do it on time and do it well… keeps getting me more work! Just got to keep believing it’s going to keep coming, although am putting my best foot forward for a full-time post also!

One Life Live
A great event hosted over the weekend at Kensington Olympia! I’ve been looking forward to going to this for months, having pre-purchased my ticket via Psychologies magazine (and then getting special offers from several other RSS feeds I subscribe to – hey, you win some, you lose some!) ages ago!

The event was structured into a number of zones:

  • New careers & Learning
  • Free Time
  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Travel & Career Breaks
  • Sustainable Living
  • Life Change
  • Volunteering & Fundraising

I LOVE learning, so I checked out a bit of that, wandered around the ‘be your own boss’, but I’m aware (but haven’t quite read) most of that literature, and of course was checking out the ‘Life Change’ areas, but as always, I gravitate towards the travel and volunteering sections… very inspiring to see the ways in which you can combine travel with so many other things… I may return with specifics of companies, but right now I need to learn how to use WordPress!

As I said, interested in the volunteering section, so put my actions where my feet were, and signed up to do The Big Sleep Out at Winchester Cathedral on 15th May:


An Interview With God

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Just simply wanted to put this up as I found it very inspiring (apologise for the fact that it’s linked to marketing!)!

Life Coaching
Just a bit of an update as today I “felt the fear and did it anyway”… a life-coaching session on the phone! I work out so much by face-to-face communication I wasn’t sure how it would work, but as soon as I got on the phone my brain switched to coaching mode, and off we went! The phone conversation did not go as expected AT ALL, but feedback is that actionable points are definitely there, and that we didn’t JUST go for the easy wins! Looking forward to the next session… and meantime, tonight, I need to ensure I’m ready to give an hour-long lecture on “Media Institutions” at 9am (1st years)… slides are ready, would quite like to do it without much of a script!


I didn’t know Westlife could be so profound…

Westlife Lyrics: “What I Want is What I’ve got”

All that I want in my life,
is the feeling of peace,
deep within me truly

I took a chance,
I let go,
I promised myself,
that it wouldn’t scare me,
Miracles appear i know,
Now i can see it show,
Cause i,

Found out what i dreamt of,
and i looked it up,
At this very moment,
what i want is what i’ve got,
Found out what was missing,
and i looked it up,
And at this very moment,
what i want is what i’ve got,

Life is too short to hold back,
I won’t live in the past,

being lonely now i know,
This is the time of my life,
Yes i’m sure,
what i want is what i’ve got……