LLAS E-Learning Symposium 2010

Yesterday, I went to the second day of the LLAS ‘E-Learning Symposium’. Generally an interesting day, and I made some good local contacts. All sessions were recorded, and can be seen here. Below are the sessions that I attended. Some further notes on Professor Wendy Hall‘s talk, and the Worcester session. Twitter for educational purposes: […]

Professor Wendy Hall: The Emerging Science of the Web, #llas10

Professor Wendy Hall: The Emerging Science of the Web Founder IAM Set up Web Science with Tim Berners-Lee Below are my notes taken on my netbook at the conference (earlier today) Mountbatten Archive, 1987 – first talking about digitisation, before common, cost and copyright – defeated. Interested in hypertext – e.g. Minutes from a meeting […]

Worcester: Why we Use Blended Learning #llas10

Rough notes taken from the conference: Why we use  Blended Learning (define it – using Wimba to present, f2f, online, synchronous, asynchronous) –  example classroom, asynchornous tools, projects running, future. What purpose did using BL fulfull? Languages – never enough to run a course – for lesser-taught (e.g. Arabic) and more advanced. Run courses that […]