Logos do not deliver popularity

I just thought this story was priceless…

“But even if visa requirements are relaxed and more international students come here with all their lovely money, there is still the problem of the university system itself. It is cumbersome, overly micro-managed, technologically antiquated, drowning in unnecessary paperwork and suffering from the application of marketing mumbo-jumbo.

Universities spend infinitely more time and energy worrying about branding issues such as logos than they do about what really delivers popularity: the power of social networking among students and alumni.

Tweets or Facebook reviews that praise a university are worth squillions more than a tidy logo and an advertising jingle.

It does not matter whether the logo is blue, red or mauve, nor what font it features; students do not care about such things and neither do parents. They do care about the quality of the education they get for their hard-earned money, however, and that goes equally for international students.”