#Luke2Acts – Luke 8-16

You know when you get a little behind with something… been reading these – think may go onto Instagram shortly!! Using this version: Luke 8:   Luke 9: Luke 10:  Luke 11: Luke 12: Luke 13: Luke 14: Luke 15:  Luke 16:

#Luke2Acts: Luke 6/7 and #ForgivenessChallenge

Luke 6 – Finally having seen the final in the series of #Rev this morning (I say finally, because was avoiding reading people’s posts about it since last night!) – so the Beatitudes jump right out at me, having watched Adam curled up on his bed, reciting these to himself, feeling that God is a long […]

#Luke2Acts – Luke 5

Luke 5 – The chapter starts with Simon in the boat – he’s been fishing all night – it seems pointless, then Jesus says ‘just try one more time’ … and then there were SO many fish. Jesus then says that they are to become ‘fishers of men’ – sent out with a real sense of […]

#BIGRead14: Dying #Luke2Acts

#BIGRead14 Only two certainties in life, right? Death and taxes? Today’s poem deals with dying, and the sense of ‘slipping away’ … although Ernie’s comments earlier today that death for many isn’t such a comfortable time… although what most would hope for – slipping away in sleep! I loved hunting out the image above though […]

#BIGRead14: Breeze #Luke2Acts

#BIGRead14 I have to say a breezy day (preferably a warm, breezy day) is one of my favourite kinds of weather, so I love the fact that Stephen’s poem today looks at the breeze: When the breeze comes; we rise to life. I am currently pretty tired so ready to be pretty still, but then awaken […]