[CANCER] A Few Updates from #WaitingRoomFeet

So, it’s been quite a lot of #waitingroomfeet over the past few week or so… Scans I had an Echocardiogram last Tuesday, and an MRI scan last Wednesday. I was told the echo was fine whilst in the clinic – but the MRI – I was due to see Dr C on 20th Jan – […]

[CANCER] Developing Lymphoedema/Lymphedema

So, all our bodies have a lymphatic system, draining all ‘the nasties’ out: 5/32 of my lymph nodes, however, were already infected with cancer at my mastectomy, so they removed all of the ones on my left side (leaving no lymphatic system on that side). This left me at a 25-30% risk of developing lymphoedema […]