#BIGRead14: Hospitality

#BIGRead14 Today’s focus on hospitality… According to the SHAPE programme devised by Rick Warren, this is one of my spiritual gifts: Leadership (24/24) The special ability the Holy Spirit gives to recognise and communicate the vision of God’s purposes, and to accomplish it through the motivation and direction of a group of people. Hospitality (23/24) […]

#BIGRead14: Bread

#BIGRead14 I LOVE bread … especially crusty fresh granary bread… the smell of it, the texture, the taste … although after this reminder of cheese/Marmite toasties today I might buy an ‘ordinary’ loaf of bread!  Today’s poem talks about bread – and we’re quite used to the idea of Jesus as the bread of life, […]

“Women on Your Bookshelf” by @MaggiDawn

I saw this post come through my feed earlier today, stuck a bookmark on it (I was being focused on #bigread14 … for which I do need to Skype Maggi to get a recording of Evensong – and which I’ll be reading alongside Maggi’s Giving It Up!) and thought, great to go and look back […]