[CANCER] Completing the @MaggiesCentres ‘Living with Stress’ Course

So, yesterday I finished a 6-week course at Maggie‘s on ‘managing stress’. The course is designed for those who have had a diagnosis of cancer (or those close to them), as diagnosis, surgery, treatments, and ongoing treatment are all ‘difficult and testing times’ – leading to extra stress, intense emotion, tiredness and irritability:   Week […]

[CANCER] Feeling all the Feels? #BreastCancer #BusyLivingWithMets

So, it’s been four days since the diagnosis. Overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from others, and the anger that others have AT cancer on my behalf, those not expecting too many replies, take time to read the blog, etc. I found it quite interesting that this time round, unlike the primary diagnosis, […]

[CANCER] Where now? With @MaggiesManc – and my @GirlGuiding Blanket

This morning I went to the first of a course with Maggies called Where Now?¬†They’re run by a clinical psychologist, and obviously are run under Chatham House rules (which mean a secure space for sharing, and nothing individual/identifiable shared outside the space – as with most support groups) with a very small group. The Where […]