Focusing for October

So, this year, pretty much everything that I’m doing is digital, so I’m starting to be a bit more strategic about what I’m doing, and allowing my projects to inform each other….

I’m really looking forward to reading @unmarketing’s book (see right), as I’ve never been a fan of marketing, it’s always been about the community, and community engagement… I’m expecting to see ideas for how to kick-start communities and the kind of tactics that need to be undertaken to push forward social media so that it feels genuine, authentic & reflects the brand.

I’m also hoping to get to a day of the Like Minds conference.

The BigBible Project

The BigBible Project is a project that I’m working on 2.5 days a week. I’m very much enjoying getting some great guest posts, but I need time to sit down and make a list… and I’m also giving 3 sessions at conference (16th Oct). I’m learning loads about content, strategy, utilising WordPress to give me what I want… I plan to use @problogger’s 31 Days to a Better Blog to identify gaps!

Super Fun Days Out

I have been working on this site since Summer 2009, and it’s been ungoing a lot of changes, with a few more to come, to make the site more usable. We have sat down for a great strategic meeting this week, and talked through what we want to achieve (and what’s manageable), so I have returned to my original plan of dealing with Adrenablog and Twitter (and bookmarking once those have embedded), which means I can focus on being more strategic, and hunt out some great stories! We have come up with some targets, so let’s see how we take off… come and visit us!


As a part of my role as Blended Learning Fellow, I continue to develop the Blended Learning Blog (and other internal material, both paper and VLE based). I have great plans for @digitalfprint (but it’s a bit of a case of Cobbler’s Shoes), and continue to add material (if rather sporadically) to and I am also teaching on a great new module (which is involving a lot of ‘set up’ work):

Manipulating Media

See: I have around 20 more blog posts to write for this, 10 practical & 10 more instructional. We’re in Week 2 this week, I need to be ready before Week 5! We plan to have our students digitally literate by the end of the first year, but they also need to pick up a number of academic skills.