#AdventBookClub: Day 6: A Guiding Light

Yesterday evening, I was heading off to Winchester for a weekend with old friends, from a meeting a Church House, and saw a crowd – realising this was Nelson Mandela’s statue, this is what I saw:


“Yet we should always remember that Madiba was ‘just’ a man, a person like you or me, with the same choices, the same weaknesses, and the same potential strengths.

He had no super powers, but chose to keep going, when all hope seemed lost. He chose to pay the price for what he believed. He chose to love his enemies, and to let grace abound – things we are all capable of today, if we only believe it, as he did. As Obama reminded us, Madiba told the world: “I am not a saint, unless you think a saint is a sinner who keeps on trying.”” Brian Draper

The core thought that comes to me from “today’s” material from Maggi Dawn is the huge concern that the church has become out of date/detached from culture, and a look at some of the movements that have sought to re-engage.. returning us to the question “Who is Jesus?” and “What should we, his followers, be like?” – which is essentially a question we look at in #Digidisciple – with a specific look at what this means in a digital age. Huge reminder, however, that every story comes from somewhere, and that the present has continuity with the past – we are not ‘inventing’ something new, but seeking to find relevant ways for ‘the greatest story ever told’… (I’m a trained historian – I like that!) 

Checking out Ron Glusenkamp’s material – we see a sense of ‘coming home’ (Winchester has been my ‘home’ for several years, though I love my home in Durham!) – lovely to come back to a place where you are known from many years (which fits with Maggi’s ideas above) … with an encouraging finish – which reminds us of Mandela:

…it is time for you to serve as a star, an object of guidance and illumination…”

for those who may be seeking – whether online or offline!

Oh, and not to forget Dave Walker’s cartoon – which so captured Christmas Markets for me – lovely atmosphere (and some tasty food), but much of it is still tat – just expensive tat (sorry to those who love Christmas ‘stuff’ – I have been getting rid of so much ‘stuff’ – so liberating!)