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“One of the things many people say to me is that older people don’t ‘get’ new technologies where kids just do. This viewpoint was further supported by Prensky’s use of the expressions ‘digital native’ and ‘digital immigrant’ in a seminal article in 2001. Even Prensky has now acknowledged that the issues around digital literacy go beyond age, and he now uses the phrase ‘digital wisdom‘.”

Read Bryony Taylor’s full article here.  I have also been following Dave White’s developing theories over time, and a new journal article is shortly promised. I much prefer digital residents/visitors, and have mentioned the phrase in several of my conference talks.


Teaching comes first, says Marc Prensky

Traditional teaching methods are failing today’s students, according to the man who coined the term “digital native“.

Marc Prensky, the US author of Teaching Digital Natives, who is giving a lecture on the subject at Bournemouth University next week, called for pedagogy to become a partnership between students and educators.

“In order to teach effectively, we need to use a different pedagogy than in the past,” he told Times Higher Education.

“Students should do the things that they do best, like finding things and using technology and creating, and teachers should do what they do best – asking questions, ensuring rigour and context,” he said.

His comments came as Martin Hall, the vice-chancellor of the University of Salford, criticised those who used the term “digital native” – a common label for the generation that has grown up with technology – “as if everyone born after 1980 deploys new technologies in characteristic ways”.

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