#KeepCalmandCarryon Statement from @yesnomaybeltd

We join their blogpost part-way through: When we discovered that keepcalm&carryon.com had been snapped up and was trading we checked it out and was disturbed to find a site that looked VERY similar to ours. I also saw colour choices for prints and T shirts had been copied and our suppliers too! The product was […]

#KeepCalmandCarryOn Statement from Barter Books

“Barter Books wish to make it clear that Mark Coop has no ethical or moral right to ‘Keep Calm’. The reverse – when he first jumped on the band-wagon, six years after it was first put on sale, and two years after the Guardian feature and subsequent TV that started the worldwide spread, it was […]

Keep Calm and Campaign On @bbcbreakfast #Keepcalmandcarryon

This morning on @bbcbreakfast (8.20am), the story was broadcast re Mark Coop’s (successful, so far) attempt to trademark ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ within the EU (as applied to the items he sells: t-shirts, mugs, etc.). Mark Cooper owns keepcalmandcarryon.com, which as you can see has capitalised hugely on the slogan: On TV this morning […]