Diaries of Doom, Gloom and Anger

Share survey records scholars’ shocked reaction to Browne and the CSR. Rebecca Attwood reports “I burn with indignation”, “a grave error” and “incredibly depressing”: such are the responses of rank-and-file academics to the Browne Review and impending funding cuts. Lecturers are keeping monthly diaries about their working lives as part of Share, a research project […]

Academic Lives @MassObsArchive

Academics are being invited to take part in a research project that is investigating the ways in which academics represent, share and change their teaching practices. In a move inspired by the Mass Observation programme established in the 1930s, university teachers are being asked to keep a diary of their teaching on the 15th day […]

University of Sussex Library Catalogue

Wow, I like the way this catalogue is set up, with the options to discover related information via a mind-map – I wonder how useful that actually is! I spent a lot of time in the Library at the University of Sussex, especially in the Mass-Observation Archives.

Lucy Noakes: ‘Gender and British National Identity in Wartime: A Study of the Links between Gender and National Identity in Britain in the Second World War, the Falklands War and the Gulf War’

Noakes, L. ‘Gender and British national identity in wartime: a study of the links between gender and national identity in Britain in the Second World War, the Falklands War and the Gulf War.’ D.Phil. thesis completed 1996, Sussex University Particular use is made of Mass-Observation. This focuses on the representation of men and women as […]

Faber Finds: Mass-Observation

Mass-Observation I used the Mass-Observation archives extensively in my PhD research (see www.ww2poster.co.uk), as it has lots of really interesting material from observations (both direct and indirect) plus collated materials from the war years (and since). It was really ahead of its time! Much of the best material is only available by visiting the archives […]