[MEDIA] Social media guidelines for young people to be drawn up #ScreenTime

In the news this weekend has been Matt Hancock’s decision to suggest a limit, rather like an alcohol limit, for screentime. Essentially I don’t have a problem with guidelines  (if they are based on research), helping people understand how they are using technology (the good and the bad habits), and how it’s affecting them (for good or for bad), but it’s the context of ‘moral panic’ around ‘screentime’ that is really frustrating, from parents, from government ministers, and policy makers.

I loved the headline and the post from Ian Scales ‘Don’t believe the hype about children going online, just keep calm and carry on‘, in which he says:

So, I can’t help but feel that even mild concerns about ‘online ‘tend to feed into the current moral panic around Facebook, Google and the rest of them. As always, the problem (if problem it be) is not technology, but human behaviour. And if it wasn’t WiFi, it would be something else.