[DIGITAL] New Media Literacy Bulletin from @Ofcom

July’s media bulletin from @Ofcom was released today, highlighting four reports that Ofcom have produced – essential reading for understanding the UK’s digital environment: Key finding from ‘Adults: Media Use and Attitudes 2019‘ report from Ofcom: Mobile phones are increasingly integral to everyday life and half of adults now say, of all devices, they would […]

[REPORT] OfCom: Adults’ Media Use and Attitudes Report

Ofcom publishes regular research into people’s attitudes to various forms of media, including digital, and the latest has just been published. Here’s the brief overview at the beginning: Internet use is becoming more mobile, with more people going online via their smartphones and accessing the internet in locations other than work and home. This connectivity […]

[REPORT] Adults Media Use and Attitudes with @Ofcom

A report published by Ofcom as part of their media literacy duties. It provides research that looks at media use, attitudes and understanding, and how these change over time, with a particular focus on those groups that tend not to participate digitally. The report covers TV, radio, mobile, games, and the internet, with a particular focus […]