[Publication] Collaborative Learning in Media Education

I have a chapter published in this book – just out: Marcus Leaning (eds), 2015. Collaborative Learning in Media Education. Santa Rosa: Informing Science Press. ISBN: 9781932886931 Collaborative learning is a key pedagogic activity in many media education programmes in schools colleges and universities worldwide.  When well executed, collaborative work enables students to learn much […]

Book Review: Cultures of Mediatization

Anyone read this book? Sounds quite hard going! More worrying, this book is dated by the use of words such as “cyberculture”, “cyborgs” and “cyberpunks”. While there is attention paid to the Frankfurt School (again) and the medium theory of Harold Innis and Marshall McLuhan, the participatory nature of the read-write web is neglected. Certainly […]

Media Studies: Of Value?

Once again, media studies is in the firing line! When done well, it’s an excellent course, with excellent transferable skills (as well as the intrinsic skills): Media self-hatred is fuelling the attacks on media studies, says Sally Feldman So media studies is in the firing line again. This time, the renewal of hostilities was prompted […]