Review of #medialit

Key Learning Points & Actions Should be important for all to take this, media is so central to our society. Is it OK for all to have wi-fi when many still don’t have water? If you can’t do something really well it’s better not to bother or pay others? If all that means is that […]

Ethics in the Media? #medialit

Who’s telling the truth? (Jeremy Paxman, The West Wing, Have I Got News for You) Ethical: Truth, privacy, exploitations, taste, popularity, fairness, hurt? Is anyone concerned about ethics? 2 years ago lots of ethical debates, started with Richard & Judy (You Say We Pay) – viewers phone calls, but no one past first 10 minutes. […]

The Church of England #medialit

Interesting session on communications in the national church “What is the Church of England?”: “A Christian presence in every community”. What is the CofE today? Video created (no sound, add your own) explaining what the CofE is: and interested in developing this. The organisation is professional , proactive, integrated, and mission-orientated Communications Strategy External context […]