[LIFE] Mental Health, Incurable Cancer and COVID19 – A Toxic Mix

I’m currently listening to Kate Middleton on YouTube, talking about mental health in a time of COVID19. Today, she’s highlighting that faith doesn’t mean that the very human conditions of anxiety and depression disappear, especially in current times, when ‘the end’ feels completely out of sight… although some people don’t seem to be treating it […]

[LIFE/CANCER] Taking time in the #LakeDistrict with #RosiesBarn

It’s about four weeks since my operation to remove my ovaries. Physically I am healing well, the scars are healing over well, I’ve not had any infections. I am still extremely exhausted/fatigued, so although the surgeon only signed me off work fro four weeks, the oncologist added another few weeks so I don’t return to […]

[CANCER] Making the best use of counselling for #BreastCancer

Today it was counselling day, and I thought that with NEAD I would be super happy and starting to talk about when we stop…   View this post on Instagram   It’s #waitingroomfeet time again – counselling – my head is a jumble. Last day of work today before a month of switching that part […]

[CANCER] Life has shrunk despite #busylivingwithmets

Despite attempts to keep life ‘as normal as possible’, it really does feel like this secondary diagnosis has shrunk my world in the way that the primary diagnosis didn’t. The impact of having to undergo further heavy duty chemotherapy and radiotherapy less than a year after finishing the first lot has had a visible impact […]